Food Substitutions

I'll edit this post to include more Food substitutions as I find them.

Gluten = Use Quinoa or buy premade gluten free noodles at an Organic Store (especially if you need strict Vegan!) These are not very likely to be cross contaminated with eggs.

Soy/Tofu = Almond milk, Rice milk works. Also, cashews can substitute for Tofu. Any nuts can substitute for tofu. The dish will be crunchier, but will still contain the protein.

Dairy = Soy milk, Rice milk, Almond milk. Vegan Cheeses (unless you're sensitive to Vinegar, then I'd skip cheese altogether). Vegetarian Cheeses contain a little bit of Dairy product. Why? I wish I knew! Whey is dairy, and consequently, is NOT Vegetarian!

Soup thickener = Kombu works well to thicken and flavor a broth when you can't use Onion and other ingredients. A tiny bit goes a long way! The flavor takes some getting used to.

Measurements on your own until I work them out:

Cinnamon = Nutmeg and Ginger. Ginger contains the heat of cinnamon, and nutmeg gives it the flavor. (No, I've not made a pecan carmel roll with nutmeg and ginger yet, as I can't have carmel either.) When I do work this out, I'll give you the measurements too!