Tyramine-Free Diets

Do speak with a Dietician and your Doctor to get on a health regiment that works for you.

Vegan is normally the most healthiest way to go. Eat fresh vegetable is always healthy.
  Deoxy Org: Foods to avoid with MAOIs

After having read that list several times, what I'd do is avoid Tofu and get your protein from small amounts of nuts combined with brown rice. None of my recipes uses meats, fish, animal products when I get it in its final form. However, I'd substitute onion for ginger. I use ginger due to an onion allergy. If you can't have onion either, then I'd just skip the ginger, and not worry about it. Soy Sauce - some say its okay in small quantities, I say skip it! Why? You probably don't need the salt anyways. And, if you body gives you migraines due to tyramine, then you probably wouldn't tolerate well any soy. Yes, this means you get to cook it fresh yourself.

Finaly Analysis: My Recommendations (I'm not a Doctor, so please review this with your doctor!)

1) Protein: A combination of brown rice and nuts --> practice portion control and have small quantities of nuts. Also, I'd recommend eating 5 times a day (females), 6 times a day (males.)

2) Get a portion control sheet that list as many kinds of foods as you eat, and get a scale that measures in grams as well.

3) Broccoli is an EXCELLENT calcium source. You don't need milk or cheese or yogurt. Your body will process the calcium in broccoli better than it does in milk anyways. And, if you avoid all animal products, your body will get more calcium.

4) Eat a wide variety of Vegetables, but avoid having spinach, or any broad bean (fava).

5) Could I survive on this diet? No! I'm allergic to broccoli, Kale, cabbage, cauliflower, etc. I'd have to add in the Salmon. So, anyone with my list of allergies, may want to *cough *cough add back in the fish, but get very fresh fish that is as  close to the day it was caught as possible. The longer the fish sits, the more tyramine it will have.

6) DO take notes in a journal:
     1) What did you eat?
     2) What where the quanities of each item?
     3) Did you eat 5 or 6 small meals a day?
     4) What reactions (headaches, stomach pain, tingling sensations, etc.) did you have after each meal?
     5) When did these reactions occur?

7) If you have a reaction, then go on an Elimination diet, and start off with 1 food item that you do not react too. Every day, or half-day, add one more food item until you get a reaction. Then, when you react, take that pariticular item (the last food added) off the list.

8) Elimination diet Notes: I would even include each spice one at a time. And, have plain rice first, then rice with a spice, etc.  I would never add both a new spice and a new food item during the same meal.  Why? Even spices might cause a reaction. Also, fresh spices might cause less reaction in you then grounded spices. If so, punjabi  cooking might work well for you, as traditionally, they use their spices whole, then grind them as needed.

9) Remember, this is not a death sentence. If you have to Celiac Free as well, then its a death sentence. ;) Seriously, its impossible to eat in Bemidji with no Kitchen and with my allergies and be Gluten-Free. I do mean, eating out, or eating anything cooked. So, laugh and enjoy, because it could be worse. And, you are never alone in this!