Gluten Free Resources

On this page, I will put links to "12 or so" BEST Gluten Free Resources I have found.  I intend to have 1 good link for each Continent or Island groupings so you will know where to look further, if needed.

More links will be added soon.

This list is Unordered, and NOT in its final form! Still working on it yet. ;)

Just a Note:
As always, if you are Vegetarian or Vegan and GF, Read their menu Before going there! Why? MANY restaurants have their GF menu as "Pro-Road Kill"(my word). This means that they will serve you Beef, Pig, Chicken, without the bun, sometimes on a salad as their ONLY GF options.

GF and Vegetarian/Vegan in the Bemidji area, should really go to Paul Bunyon Subs, and see about getting GF bread in there. They might accommodate, as they appear to be more healthy and do have some excellent Vegetarian and Vegan choices.

Gluten Free Registry
This is the ONLY link you need if you want to find a restaurant, store, etc. that has GF items in Your area. And, they have an international list also, but don't know how good that one is.

Clan Thompson (Haven't completely checked this out yet.

Celiac Travel 

Celiac Travel EU

From the Gluten Free Guide Book
-->   Celiac Disease in Translation: Guide to Foreign Travel

Fried Rice gluten free: Lemon juice or peanut oil works in place of the gluten.
GF Japan From Japan With Love blog. Excellent!
GF blog, focusing on Japan mainly
rainyrice blog
Hungary: Gluten Free Globe (As of Oct. 9, 2010 this site did not work for Japan, as no one has commented. But do check here for other countries and regions as well, as more info might pop up with out notice.)
My own blog, I’m still working on, but when done will be GF recipes for those with unusual food sensitivites, and mostly Vegan. (Onion, garlic, celery, cabbage, etc.)

GF Restaurant Cards