Heads Up: Warnings and Notes

Rule of Thumb: If it isn't a whole food or a dried pasta, then there usually is a chance of Onion contamination. Any container that lists "spice" as an ingredient, almost always, contain Onions!

---> 4 Peppercorn spice DOES contain Pink or Red Peppercorn that may produce a very serious reaction in some people, especially those sensitive or allergic to Poison Ivy. Throat may shut, may have difficulties swallowing, and many other symptoms. My mother is this allergic, so I'm not using it in my recipes. I have this reaction to Leechee fruit. FDA does consider the Peppercorn to be safe, after the French proved that the reaction some people had, was only an allergic reaction.

If you are sensitive to Celery, then there is an excellent chance that you can't have Fenugreek either, IF you are like me. If you go to an Indian store and find a package of "Peacock", this is Fenugreek. Also, celery is a common SECRET ingredient in Vegie Broth, which by law only needs to have one ingredient labeled. In this case, they usually say "soy".  A good Faux chicken contains Celery and Turmeric. Put this in scrambled Tofu, and you have a good 'chicken' substitute. Incidentally, non-organic Celery makes a better chicken flavor as the organic celery has too much of a salty taste. I found this out before I had Adult onset celery allergy.

Much more warnings and notes follows, and WILL BE EDITED LATER and reformatted! 

If you have a vinegar sensitivity, then READ ALL Vegan cheese labels as they often contain Vinegar. I've not found a Vegan vinegar free cheese yet. If you do, please send me the link to the cheese. :D Thanks!

Dairy Sensitivity? Buy only VEGAN Cheeses. ALL Vegetarian cheeses contain some dairy and unless they say that the source is a Vegan source, it will be a dairy source, most likely.

Egg free? Gluten Free? You are much better off buying EVERYTHING from an Organic Grocery store or the Gluten Free Mall , what you can't get at a Farmer's market or grow yourself because they have often have such products well marked. As an added bonus, the Gluten Free Mall does have easy to read labels that identify what common allergy a particular product is free from.

However, Cub and Walmart are putting more gluten-free products from trusted companies on their shelves. Walmart has their gluten-free section all together. Unfortunately, Walmart pricing doesn't apply to gluten-free noodles, and they are just as expensive at Walmart as they are anywheres else. I can't guarantee that any of those products are Egg free, so you will still have to read the label.

Here is that link, again (I do not get kick backs from you using this link):
Gluten Free Mall

Do you find that you have a chemical imbalance or mood swing sometimes but can't find a reason for it?  You may be allergic to the food, as this is a common reaction to  some food allergies. Cinnamon does this in me. However, I did find that when I felt a little down, Cinnamon did help raise my moods. However, I also had the burning sensation in my throat and nose, so I avoid Cinnamon.

Have Acid Reflux issues? Go Whole Wheat, Brown Rice and can the processed foods. You may also want to get tested for Celiac Disease and go Gluten-Free and Wheat-free, as this is one of the signs of Celiac Disease. This will help you greatly! Also, give up the Caffeine, (or limit it to once a week, if you are like me). Increase your vegetable intake to be 1/2 of the pasta amount or more. Also, if you have a high amount of foods you can't eat, then a Rotation diet is highly recommended. I'm suppose to be on one, but am still figuring out the diet. This is why I started this blog, so I can post my recipes and find new ones so I can write my diet. I'll post my diet online too in the coming months!

My biggest Pet Peeve? Onion is in EVERYTHING! However, so it gluten in most pre-packaged foods sold at grocery stores. I can't eat onion, thank you very much! Its hard to be Vegan and allergic to gluten and onion.

Why do I recommend those with a severe allergy to fish and shellfish to NOT eat Nori and other seaweeds? Some people may still react due to its similiar smell to fish. My sister does and has not been determined to go into anaphylaxis shock to fish, but her and I believe that if she were to digest fish, she probably would over time. Even though commonly, it is the protein that one reacts too, fish protein may still get on the seaweed even though this would be considered rare. My belief is that if you can substitute with a huge variety of foods, then do so.

Warning though: Our most brilliant USA government (NOT!) decided a while back that NOT every ingredient needs to be listed on the label.
 Why? They think YOU should call EVERY company and ask if every single item you can not have, even if that list is over 15 items long! If you have an adverse reaction to something, your tough luck. :P
Yes this phone call can very quickly become an hour long. This is why I'm working out a cookbook using whole foods where ever possible. 

Guess what! The EU feels the same as the USA government (as of early 2010!)
Yes, we need ALL spices and ingredients listed on all food and spices for sale.
Thanks! :D