Monday, June 28, 2010

Faux Fish Sticks My Way...IS Gluten Free now!

Faux Fish Sticks My Way
GF now! N! (Leave out the Pecans and you will be fine.)

I intend to revisit this recipe and create other variations on it, to give the Fish a different flavor. 

There is another version of this floating around the web, but my version is Gluten-Free and healthier! Besides, the Pecans give it a wonderful sweet nutty flavor. This recipe is easy to make. I even walk you through, a gourmet presentation, if you prefer.

Faux Salmon

About the picture: Used Gimp to add Maple leaves to the bowl. I do NOT recommend serving it with actual Maple Leaves! ;)

To get a good Faux Salmon,  Kelp powder works the best. However, what if you lack Kelp powder?
I had looked all over and really couldn't find any good faux salmon recipes of the type I was looking for. I used Nori broken into as tiny of a piece I could muster.