Rules of These Recipes

I am in the process of attempting to go strictly Gluten Free and Low Fat. This is why I abruptly stopped creating recipes. Even though I do put in a gluten-free or dairy free alternative, I have decided that I need to create my own Pasta recipe using Quinoa and other gluten free "grains", which I read are really a type of nut. Those with IBS, may want to consider a Gluten-Free diet.

My intent is to create recipes using only ingredients that can be guaranteed to be gluten-free. This means that ALL recipes on this site will be overhauled as I will not use any ingredient from a manufacturer that makes a product containing gluten, UNLESS, they indicate that they use a separate facility to create the gluten-free product.

Recommended Site:
Gluten Free mall
Copyrighted by Scott Adams. He created the first ever online Gluten Free Shopping store. And, also Scott Adams' official Website on Celiac disease.
Scott Adams' Celiac Website

Soy Sauce: "Tiger Tiger Shoyu Gluten-Free Soy Sauce" is made on a separate line from their wheat products.

Hard fast rules with NO exceptions:
#1: NO Recipes will ever contain Onion, cinnamon, horseradish, radishes or mustard! Any recipe containing Quorn may have cross contamination issues with Onion, and should be avoided if you are allergic or extremely sensitive to Onion.

#2 NO Meat, Poultry, Road Kill, etc. will be featured.

#3: MOST Recipes will be either Dairy Free, or will have an alternative to the Dairy.

#4: MOST, if not all, Recipes will be egg free! I'm not supposed to eat eggs, but don't religiously read labels yet. However, for these recipes, I religiously read labels, or make it from scratch.

#5: Images: I'll take pictures of my creations as I remember to do so. However, some images will be retaken, if I was missing some of the ingredients that the recipe calls for. See my Faux Salmon recipe for a good example of this. I was missing the fresh lemon slices. I used reconstituted lemon juice, not the best. LOL (As of June 28th, 2010 this information is true for that Faux Salmon image.)

Other Notes:

--> ALL ingredients will be clearly listed. Optional ingredients might contain traces of unintended ingredients, not listed. So, read the label!

--> The Vegie broth I refer to in my recipes will be free of: celery, onion, carrot, and cabbage! I'll have an Italian Vegie Broth, Asian Vegie Broth, and a Punjabi Vegie broth that I'll refer to.

--> This should be obvious, but some people still think that fish eaters are vegetarians. They aren't! I'm a sudo-vegetarian ONLY because I have so many health issues and can not always find a Vegetarian option I can eat at Restaurants that will keep my blood sugars stable, that I'm forced to eat fish.

Please see Key Page for the key to my recipes.