Thursday, September 2, 2010

Update: Changing my plan to be more gluten free.

I am almost finished reverting the recipes to Gluten-Free. All I really have left is to do a QA to make sure that I didn't miss any words, and then remake the recipes again, to double check that all the ingredients are acceptable. :D
Thanks for your patience!

(even though, I only have 1 follower, I'm sure others will come and visit this blog and use the recipes, so I shall endeavor to have more recipes done, but January 1st. )

I did post this elsewhere, but wanted to be sure that people got the message. I am changing the recipes here to be gluten-free and Vegan.  That is why I stopped posting recipes abruptly. In my search to do a rotation diet, I have decided that I can not ignore reality of life and the possibility of Celiac Disease. I have so many foods that I do not tolerate, that I refused to give up Gluten only because I needed something cheap that I could afford, that would also keep my blood sugars stable. I'm changing that however, and will now attempt to go gluten-free in my cooking.

The result: I am going to learn how to make noodles using gluten-free 'flour'.  Then, I will create new recipes and rewrite the recipes that are currently on here. I am also going to more immediately, give a recommendation for a gluten-free noodle to use in the recipes that are currently on here.

Recommended Site:
Gluten Free mall
Copyrighted by Scott Adams. He created the first ever online Gluten Free Shopping store. And, also Scott Adams' official Website on Celiac disease.
Scott Adams' Celiac Website 

Please check out the Rules of these Recipes .

I shall put the above links in my links section on the right too, so that you can always find those links. :D

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