Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dr. Oz's Smoothies My Way

The Original contains 1 Tomato ( I left that out) and no peaches, (I put that in.) Dr. Oz's Site He recommends it for colds. I've been making my version for colds, as well, for the same reasons. Both versions are very high in Vitamin C. NO sugar is needed! Fruit is naturally sweet. Just search his site for the original Smoothie, as links tend to change, so I only gave a direct link to his home page.

Juice from 2 Oranges
1 cup Strawberries,
1/2 Cantelope
1/2 cup Peaches
Optional: Add 1 Vitamin tablet.
(Avoid Grapes, as they make the smoothie fizzy with a Vitamin Tablet. Plus, grape juice can interfere with your meds and make them more potent then what is healthy.)

Blend in a blender, until its the right consistency.

This Version Copyright by Kytriya,  October 11, 2010,  and Not Dr. Oz's version. ;)

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